We Believe Safety Always Comes First

Creating and maintaining a safe work environment is a top priority at Kohler Co.  We take great pride in our safe work practices, and in protecting our most valuable assets – our associates.  And it's the associates who contribute to the continued success of safety initiatives at Kohler Co. operations worldwide.  Safety has the support of Kohler Co. leadership, but the passion our associates have for safety enables our operations to reach the top levels of industry standard safety performance.


Our top tier safety performance is accomplished through implementation of the Kohler Safety Management System (KSMS)

    KSMS establishes programs and guidance that provide all locations a roadmap to success, and the process framework to achieve world-class safety performance.

    KSMS requires a commitment to a safe and healthy work environment through the engagement of ALL associates.  Innovations in safety and recommendations by our associates are used to identify and control potential risks before an injury occurs.

• Measurement performance toward KSMS implementation provides a benchmark by which we establish goals for continued risk reduction, injury prevention and other proactive safety efforts.