Where We've Been Successful



Foshan, China. The less fossil fuel we burn, the less greenhouse gas emissions we put into the atmosphere. For example, at our pottery in Foshan, we rerouted waste heat from the shuttle kiln to the air-handling units in the cast shops and drying rooms. This reduced the facility’s use of natural gas by more than 20%.



Kohler, Wisconsin. The more waste we repurpose, the less goes into the landfill. Kohler’s exceptionally high standards for our vitreous products sometimes creates “rejects” that we remove from the production line. Because the material cannot be reworked, the rejects become “cull” – which in days gone by, would have gone to landfills. Today, we work with customers, like Wausau Tile, that can use our cull as a ceramic aggregate for concrete products, such as benches, tables and tile flooring. 



Brownwood, Texas. Water reused is water saved. Our Brownwood pottery connected a condensate return system to eight air-handling units. The water collected routes to the cooling tower and irrigation system, effectively reducing the burden on the local water supply by 4.5 million gallons of water per year.